Thoughtfully designed to support your physical and mental well being.



Dynamic. Energetic. Strengthening. 

Mix and match your fitness in this “anything goes” Pilates Barre class featuring chair, reformer, tower or whatever the instructor feel is right for you. Feel stronger and more flexible with every week. This 55 minute strength training program (stability and mobility exercise), makes it easy to explore the core from every angle. The set ups flow from one part into the next making the most of each repetition and transition. To start, basic patterns of movement are repeated to improve coordination. In time, your leg and hip musculature will begin to loosen up and you will discover how releasing tight hips can actually relieve spinal stiffness and pain. Expect to sweat, shake, calm, and focus the mind, with: bridgingrockingplanksbalance point position, and standing barre exercises. Then slow deep stretches for the barre or floor. The teacher will review fundamentals to be adapted for a chair, and wall in your home/office. 


Simple. Spacious. Supportive. 

Guided performance training for solo or workout buddies . Great for those healing from injury or surgery, new moms, moms-to-be, couples, and wedding parties. This foundational class is designed with our new students in mind.

This guided workout, is 55 minute session that builds on breath awareness, and safe alignment, starts with the basics and can be adapted for all levels. For beginners, this knowledge is supportive and awakening. The use of supportive Pilates resistance equipment makes this a great "tune up" for advanced athletes. The slower transitions between poses encourage mindfulness, resilience and self-compassion. Discover why Pilates will enhance every other workout you do including dancing, weights, and sports.

All levels welcome. 


Target. Strengthen. Stretch. 

55 minute workshop explores the use of Pilates apparatus and mat work, standing and sports specific exercises to improve the skill, strength and performance of the running client. This innovative and highly practical course explores biomechanics and the physiological requirements for successful running and suitable Pilates exercises aimed at improving running performance. 

starts Winter 2018

Relaxing. Passive. Nurturing.

In a Yin class, floor poses are held for 4-6 minutes, each targeting joint and ligament stress and enabling muscles to soften. In holding poses for longer periods of time, Yin Yoga cultivates a sense of surrender. A powerfully therapeutic class, Yin is ideal for highly active people – runners, cyclists, regular yoga practitioners -  as well as anyone wanting to release tightness in their body.  You will leave feeling lighter, more flexible, and with a more open body, mind and heart. 

Perfect for all levels of experience, even total beginners.


Please arrive several minutes before your classes, give yourself time to get settled. As a courtesy to all guests, appointments will begin and end on time.  

When conflicts arrive, to avoid full charge of service, cancellations or changes must be made 24 hour before the start time of a class.

At this time appointments are necessary for all classes.


You must understand apparatus safety and set up before joining a small group class. 
You can gain this knowledge from the new student offer. 


Circus Maine Performance Training Venue is the most unique fitness venue in Portland, Maine. The health of our athletes, community, and the sustainability of our Earth are of the utmost importance to us. This is reflected in all areas of the studio. We keep our apparatus classes small and workshops host 24 students maximum. Our flooring is warm in winter, cool in summer, and best of all - soft on your joints. 


Safety is always involved in every aspect of the Pilates workout; therefore there are precautions, modifications, and protocols developed over decades within the knowledge of Pilates itself, which a fully qualified instructor will know and follow when working-out guests with certain conditions. ex., during pregnancy, after birth or with specific areas where their body needs support. Safe teaching involves comprehensive inspection of the Pilates apparatus regularly and is set up prior to a lesson.