Pilates Barre is a contemporary exercise studio in Portland, Maine with locations on Thompson's Point and Peaks Island. 



Our philosophy is based on ensuring a mindful, strengthening and flexible exercise practice for active aging. Pilates leads to stretched, toned muscles and better control of the body, with proper function. 

With support from our Balanced Body apparatus studio, we offer a complete exercise system, on and off the equipment. Our classes and workshops are designed to help you harness a calm, strong, connected body and mind. 

Our approach is grounded in the traditional lineages of Joseph Pilates. We acknowledge all principals of this method: Principle 1: Centering, Principle 2: Control, Principle 3: Concentration, Principle 4: Precision, Principle 5: Breathing, Principle 6: Flowing Movement. 

Our vibe is laid-back, open, friendly, and playful. Laugh a little and you will breathe better. This truly improves performance. Our goal is to foster an empowered, healthy and joyful community. We welcome beginners, right through to the most advanced athletes.





Limited to four clients. 

This 55 minute circuit-style class includes barre, reformer, tower, and Pilates chair with a focus on finding strength and flexibility in the whole body. This workout (stability and mobility exercise) makes it easy to explore core power from every angle, classes are small in size so you can train at your perfect pace. 

In time, your leg and hip musculature will begin to loosen up and you will discover how releasing tight hips can actually relieve spinal stiffness and pain. 

As you advance, you will know the set ups for your individual needs and goals. With each week, new movement and older (more familiar) exercises will flow together, you will find yourself doing things you didn't know you could do. 


Target. Flex. Stretch. 

This 55 minute mat practice feels lighthearted and playful.  It's perfect to do before or after our apparatus workout, and the teacher will also review fundamentals to practice at home. Explore deep stretch with supportive props (balls, and foam rollers) the poses are held from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, each targeting joint and ligament stress, and enabling muscles to soften. Exploring poses for longer periods of time cultivates a sense of surrender. This powerfully therapeutic class, is ideal for highly active people – gymnasts, runners, cyclists -  as well as anyone wanting to release tightness in their body. Expect to feel more connected to your inner strength when you leave. 

Perfect for all levels of experience, even total beginners.


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Please arrive several minutes before your classes, give yourself time to get settled. As a courtesy to all guests, appointments will begin and end on time. When conflicts arrive, to avoid full charge of service, cancellations or changes must be made 24 hour before the start time of a class. At this time appointments are necessary for all classes.





You must understand apparatus safety and set up before joining a small group class. You can gain this knowledge from the new client - welcome offer: apparatus 2-for-1. 



Safety is always involved in every aspect of the Pilates workout; therefore there are precautions, modifications, and protocols developed over decades within the knowledge of Pilates itself, which a fully qualified instructor will know and follow when working-out guests with certain conditions. ex., during pregnancy, after birth or with specific areas where their body needs support. Safe teaching involves comprehensive inspection of the Pilates apparatus regularly and is set up prior to a lesson.






Our circuit-style apparatus studio is located within Brick North, a converted railway building on Thompson's Point. This is the most unique fitness venue around, created by a collective of athletes, artists, and wellness coaches living in the greater Portland area. We keep our groups small and workshops host 24 students maximum. Our studio mats and flooring are warm in winter, cool in summer, and best of all - soft on your joints. 




Map/Directions: Google Map, Length: 1 mile, Activities: Walking, biking, birding.